God Bless America Again

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If we ignore, or redesign our history to placate the whim of popular sentiment, we will forfeit much. Our nation was founded upon biblical principles by people with a desire to find an opportunity to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, without interference from king or state church.

Our great freedoms and liberties have emerged from a Judeo-Christian worldview, derived from the Bible. Each generation must determine which principles will guide us. This is a tremendous responsibility, for it only requires three generations for an idea to be lost. If we fail to embrace those things which brought us liberty and freedom, and to teach them to the next generation, we are abandoning our responsibilities.

History is often seen as burdensome, dry, or laborious. I disagree. Understanding how God has consistently blessed America--time and again pouring out upon us His grace and mercy--provides hope for the days ahead. We cannot afford to forget our past--good and bad--or we will forfeit the best opportunities of our future.

We are a people with a country! We are a people with a God! We are a people with a future, bright with possibility, if we will once again turn in humility and honor Almighty God. God bless America, again!