Extraordinary God

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This six-week study will take us on a journey to Israel, the Holy Land, to discover the paths Jesus and His disciples walked over 2000 years ago. The teaching sessions in this six-week DVD-driven study are filmed on location in Israel. We will discover how our God demonstrates His great love for us through His chosen land, Israel, while visiting Jerusalem, Dan, Mt. Carmel, Beth Shan, the Dead Sea and a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

• Session One – Almighty God (filmed in Dan/Lebanon)
• Session Two – God is Concerned (filmed in Jerusalem)
• Session Three – God Redeems (filmed on Mt. Carmel)
• Session Four – God Reveals (filmed on the Sea of Galilee)
• Session Five – God Rewards (filmed in Beth Shan)
• Session Six – God Requires (filmed at the Dead Sea)