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The teaching sessions in this six-week DVD-driven study will help you to personalize your own God story and turn His invitations in to practical application. Each session contains an introduction from Pastor Allen Jackson, a clip from Faith Like Potatoes (an inspirational film about the life of South African farmer, Angus Buchan), and a teaching session from Angus himself.

The DVD is designed as a companion to the AMEN Study Guide and includes six 15-minute teaching sessions to inspire and challenge those in your group to develop a God story of their own. The sessions are filmed on location in the beautiful hillsides of South Africa. To enhance the study, we recommend viewing Faith Like Potatoes as a group.

• Session One – Going It Alone
• Session Two – Big Changes
• Session Three – Three Questions
• Session Four – Alistair’s Gift
• Session Five – Pray for Rain
• Session Six – Faith Like Potatoes